Sunday, February 7, 2016

Workouts Jan 4 to Feb 7

The first 2 weeks after Jacksonville, I took it real easy.  I took 4 days of rest the week after.  My body felt fine, I was just tired.  Terrel( helped work the kinks out from the race.  The recovery really helped.  Below is my progression the last 5 weeks.

RECOVERY 1/04-1/10:

1/04: rest
1/05: rest
1/06: 6 miles
1/07: rest
1/08: 5 miles
1/09: rest
1/10: 10 miles

Total: 21 miles

RECOVERY 1/11-1/17:

1/11: 6 miles
1/12: 10 miles
1/13: AM: 4 miles/PM: 8 miles(paced Michelle in 5 x 1200m workout)
1/14: 5 miles
1/15: rest/strength training
1/16: 5 miles
1/17: 15 miles

Total: 53 miles

After 2 weeks, I got my mileage up during Blizzard week.  Conrad and I had an epic run in the snow blizzard on Saturday.  We ran in the middle of the roads that were packed with snow.  No one was around except an occasional plow we had to watch out for.  We did run into someone who got stuck and we helped push their car out.  It was somewhere between 2:30-2:45 total time running.  We mapped out the course and it was 20 3 feet of snow.  The photo speaks for itself how much fun we had.  I was pretty beat up after that weekend since it got me woken up to train again.


1/18: 15 miles
1/19: AM: 5 miles/PM: 7 miles
1/20: AM: 5 miles/PM: 7 miles(paced Michelle in 3200m, 2400m, 1600m workout)
1/21: AM: 5.5 miles/PM: 5.5 miles
1/22: 10 miles
1/23: 20 miles w/ Conrad in Blizzard
1/24: 16 miles w/ Conrad

Total: 96 miles

After 3 weeks, I got back to speed work.  I had to do a lot of workouts on the treadmill the week after the blizzard, but I got it done at least.  The challenge was finding a treadmill that would go over 12 mph, which I was happy to find at L.A. Fitness.  I must have looked like a madman running 12.3 mph on the treadmill.  People stared.  Yeah, this is what it looks like when someone is training to push their body to its capacity.  


1/25: 6 miles + Strength Training

1/26: AM: Treadmill: 800m, 1200m, 1 mile, 1.75 mile all @ 11.7 mph/0.5% incline (5:07 pace),
(8 miles)
PM: 5 miles

1/27: 6.5 miles

1/28: AM: 5 miles
PM: Treadmill: 4 Mile Tempo 20:32(5:08 pace), (9.5 miles)

1/29: AM: 5 miles
PM: Track: Drills + 8 x 100m sprints @ 95%, (6 miles)

1/30: AM: Treadmill: 4 x 600m, 5 x 800m, all @ 12.3 mph (4:52 pace), (10 miles)
PM: 4.5 miles

1/31: AM: 20 miles

Total: 86 miles


2/01: Track: 2 miles of 50m sprint/float, (6.5 miles)

2/02: AM: Track: 4 x 300m @ 51-52, 9 x 400m: 68-70, (10 miles)
PM: 5 miles

2/03: AM: 13 miles
PM: 6 miles(paced Michelle in a few 800's...her last 800m was 2:35!)

2/04: AM: 5.5 miles
PM: 7 miles

2/05: AM: 6.5 miles
PM: Track: Drills + 4 x 200m sprints @ 33s each, (6.5 miles)

2/06: AM: Track: 2400m(7:37), 2400m(7:33), 1600m(4:52), (8.5 miles)
PM: 5.5 miles

2/07: AM: 20 miles + Strength Training

Total: 100 miles



Roland and I decided that the Indoor 5K at Virginia Tech on 2/20 would be a good opportunity for me to get in a short, fast race to get my legs ready for the real racing in March.  Though not the goal, we are also not ruling out that I could PR actually.  At first I was thinking of doubling the 3K and 5K, but it makes more sense to get the most out of the 5K.  The 3K is just too short right now and it isn't really going to do anything for me, unless I was focusing on short distances.  The 15K Championship in Jacksonville will be 3 weeks after this race, which is a distance I have never raced(minus the weird fluke Cherry Blossom distance last spring-looking forward to racing the FULL 10 Miles this time!).  It will be fun because I will have a good chance at finishing in a pretty good position and my goal is to compete really well, not worry too much about the time.  However, I can get a decent idea from the VTech meet if I run 14:40-14:50 for the 5K(PR is 14:49), that makes 20-30 seconds slower/5K feel a lot more comfortable to me.  3 X 15:10-15:15 doesn't sound too bad.  At the very least, it will give me confidence when the lead pack makes surges that I have the leg speed in addition to the strength I already have.  And the fact that the zone of 45:00-1:00 hour+ racing duration being my sweet spot right now.  


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