I have been passionately coaching distance runners for over 7 years.  I am USA Track and Field Level 1 and Road Runner Club of America certified.  I coach runners within the MD/VA/DC area but also outside of the area by email/phone.  There are many different types of runners I have worked with, and I have several categories I break down below.  I have coached ages ranging from high school to age 60+.  If you click on the "Runners" tab, you can see some of the runners I have coached.  Whatever pace you run, don't feel intimidated by their accomplishments-everyone has to start somewhere!  It's all about what YOU want to achieve and what makes sense for YOU.  This is why I love coaching-because I work with each runner on an individual basis so they can go at their own pace.  There are several things I look at when coaching each runner:

-Are you a beginner?

-What do you want to currently get out of your running?  What are your longer term goals?

-What is the amount of time(realistically) you want or can devote to training?

-What is the background of weekly mileage you have done?

-How many years have you been running/training?


Beginners are some of the most interesting runners to me because of how much they tend to surprise themselves.  It's a lot of fun coaching people who are looking to do their first 10 miler, and then see them surprise themselves at how happy they are when they conquered the distance! I give beginners a realistic but also challenging training regimen that builds their confidence slowly throughout the training(almost without them even realizing that I am doing so).  I believe in gradual progression and that is the important thing my runners eventually learn.  In general, it avoids injuries well, and it also makes it not scary to start(even though it feels like it sometimes!)!  Confidence and physical adaptation to running come when things are done step by step.

Avid Runners

I have a lot of fun working with people who may have a running background, but are looking to get more out of their running.  For some this might mean getting some variation going such as adding speed work.  Others might want to try to push themselves harder and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Many runners who do the same pace all the time can get bored, and I think a lot of times people don't realize we need variation to keep things interesting and enjoyable!  Many of my runners enjoy the variety of workouts I give, because the body is constantly adapting to something new.  I also vary training schedules from one season to the next.  So don't expect me to give you the same structure every season.  It keeps things interesting!  .     

Age Group Competitors

I have coached many age group competitors from shorter to longer distances.  These runners are either seasoned or competitive, Boston qualifiers, are looking to maximize their racing, and are hungry to compete among the better runners in their age groups.  This also fits the competitive Masters category.  Some runners look to compete in USATF Masters Championship(40+) categories.  There are USATF Masters Championship races on, under National Championships.
Elite Runners/Sub-Elite Runners

I currently coach a few elite/sub elite runners, and I apply much of what I have learned through my own training to what works individually for each athlete.  This can include(but not not limited to) anyone who ran at the collegiate level and looking to continue racing, former racers making a comeback to the sport, runners aiming to qualify for national championship road races, runners trying to make the Olympic Trials.  Other runners in this category are those who are significantly faster than Boston qualifying times, but may not be in the elite division either.

My Philosophy as a Coach:

My coaching philosophy applies to each athlete individually and what works for them.  Everyone is different, so I coach each runner differently.  I look at what each athlete's strengths and weaknesses are, and their background.  The more I learn about them, the better I can coach them.  I am not a "my way or the highway" type of coach.  While my purpose is to steer the athlete in the right direction, it is also to listen to them and study them as an individual.  There is never a one size fits all approach!

If interested in receiving personal coaching, or if you just have some questions, email me at, and I am happy to set up a free consultation in person, by phone, or by email.

  • RRCA Certified
  • USATF Level 1 Certified

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